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How Stuff Works

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HowStuffWorks is a commercial edutainment website that was founded by Marshall Brain with the goal of giving its target audience an insight into the way in which many things work. The site uses various media in its effort to explain complex concepts, terminology and mechanisms, including photographs, diagrams, videos and animations, and articles. A documentary television series with the same name also premiered in November 2008 on the Discovery Channel.

HowStuffWorks is the leading source of credible & unbiased explanations of how the world actually works. From car engines to and thousands of subjects in between, HSW has it covered. HSWs robust engine contains comprehensive articles, graphics, reviews and informative videos generated by industry experts and the Fortune 1000 community. HSW is also the exclusive online publisher of trusted brands such as the Consumer Guide and the Mobil Travel Guide. By offering up to date real-time reviews, millions of consumers stay informed before making an important buying decision. As a winner of the 2007 WEBBY AWARD in the copyright and education categories, HWS enhandced search through original expert generated content to millions of users throughout the world.